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Why Flutter??

Why Flutter??

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Aadhithyan Suresh
·Dec 4, 2020·

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So you are curious why you should use flutter instead of other languages out there. Here are 5 reasons why you should learn and use flutter for your app development dreams.

  1. The same rant. ONE CODEBASE With Flutter you just need to MAINTAIN one codebase. You just need to DEBUG one codebase. you just need to UPDATE one codebase. You just need to learn ONE LANGUAGE - Dart. If you have any background with programming you can pick up dart like a magnet picking up iron shreds. We can build ios web desktop android.

  2. Mobile, Web, Desktop. But you are a programmer who doesn't only want to focus on app development but also web, desktop, and also obviously app development. Well then, Flutter is that go to language for you. In addition to mobile apps, Flutter supports Web development AND you can compile Flutter code to native Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop app.s. all devices support If this already hasn't hooked you yet, here are more reasons.

  3. Beautiful Layout widgets. With so many screen sizes in the world right now, you might think that making an app for each of them is impossible and you want to stick with web development.

BUT, Until flutter, app developers were using constraints that were only for small-scale applications and non-complex apps. so it becomes harder to make good UIs for larger projects. so Flutter takes inspiration from the web which is responsive design and implements it within its widgets and layouts.

So flutter has widgets like Row, Columns, Stacks, Paddings, Center to keep the layout building really easy and well structured. layouts If even that wasn't enough.

  1. HOT RELOAD! Flutter has hot reload! normally in java and swift, it takes around 20 to 30 seconds on a fast computer to compile and download the apk on the emulator or mobile. For that flutter has Hot reload and hot restart which takes less than a second to show the differences. It becomes amazing to develop UI's with that feature, the second you wanna make a change you just press ctrl s, and it hot reloads it on the app, and you can see the changes real-time. So, therefore it becomes even easier to change and build your app the way you want it to look.

  2. ITS OPEN SOURCE! U can see the backend code for every single line of code that you writing for every widget, every button every single thing in your dart file. and it just takes a click or a shortcut according to ur editor to access that. and If you want to customize it you can do it according to the way you want it to function. It's that simple. Unlike other languages cough apple

So that's it for this one! Hope you got more clarity on why flutter is really a good framework to learn and build with! And also Thanks for reading!

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