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Variables in dart

Variables in dart

All 7 types of variables in dart to use in flutter ๐Ÿค

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1. Variables

In dart, there are many data types just like other languages,

1. int , double, numbers

To store digits

int number = 0; //this is integer as usual.

double number2 = 3.1415; // this is a double value which can store decimals also

// simpler, we can initialize it like

num value = 1;

num value2 = 3.44;

// to print out the data type

print(value2.runtimeType); // prints double

2. String

strings are data types which store characters.

String name = "Aadhithyan";

print(name); // Aadhithyan

print(name.toUpperCase()); // prints it in all caps ie "AADHITHYAN"
// similarly .toLowerCase()
// ctrl space to see more functions

3. bool

Boolean data type store true / false

bool isTrue = true;
bool isFalse = false;

// use cases:
// flags, conditions, etc..

4. var

instead of doing the above, theres a simpler way to define data types, and thats by using the keyword var while initializing. var is short for variable. and it can be used for any data type.


var isString = "this is a string";

var isNum = 17.09;

var isBool = true;

print(isNum.runtimeType); // double

5. final and const

i) final:

while declaring a variable as final we cannot change the value after declaration.


final breathing = true;

ii) const:

similar to final but slightly different

const pi = 3.14;

6. lists

for storing multiple objects of the same data type.

var names = *new* List(4);

names[0] = "Aadhithyan";
names[1] = "Me2";
names[2] = "Me3";
names[3] = "Me4";

easier way of doing this

var names = [

for each too loop through the list:


7. map

Map is an object that stores data in the form of a key-value pair. Each value is associated with its key, and it is used to access its corresponding value. Both keys and values can be any type.

var maps = {
    "name": "Aadhithyan",
    "age": 15,
    "hobby": "Coding"


keys are the left hand items: eg name, age, hobby

These are all the variables in dart! hope you learned something, and I'll see you in the next one! ๐Ÿ‘‹

PS: Thanks to Dhruv#2018 for the clean thumbnail

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